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TREK CEDROS ALPAMAYO - CLIMB PISCO MOUNTAIN CORDILLERA BLANCA PERU, specialized in the Organization of Climbing Pisco Mountain, Cedros Alpamayo Trek Perú South America, operators have a team of professional work experience in the field of tourism of high mountain, whose main objective is to provide quality, safety and warranty on all of our services, in this way, meet the expectations and demands of the customer. We will help you to organize your Tours program in bus, conventional Tours, Trekking, Climbing, hiking, climbing in the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash ice as well as in Cusco - Arequipa - Puno - Huaraz, Peru.


Climbing Pisco Mountain - Cedros Alpamayo Trekking - Cordillera Blanca - Huaraz - Perú - South America

- Altitude Lake Churup Trek. :  4,450m
- Altitude Cedros Alpamayo Trek. :  4,600m (Pass OSORURISH)
- Altitude Pisco Climbing :  5,750m
- Duration :  21 Days
- Difficulty :

Moderate - Difficult

- Climbing Season : April to October
- Route Pisco Climbing : Arista SO.
* Starting Point of Expedition : Huaraz – Ancash – Perú
* Location      : Huascarán National Park
* Type             : Adventure, Nature, Ecological
* Average Temp.        : Day: 12ºC - 23ºC
  : Night: ‾ 4ºC - 6ºC.  

This is the most common climb in Cordillera Blanca. Generally, trekkers complete their trip with a climb of the SO route of Pisco, after the required acclimatization. The view from the summit of Pisco is probably one of the most impressive in the whole Cordillera Blanca Perú, offering a 360° panorama over snow capped mountains.

1st day:
Arrival at Lima, transfer from the airport to the hotel in Lima
2nd day: Lima – Huaraz (bus).
Transfer to Huaraz (distance: 400 km from Lima), passing the Conococha (4,050m), transfer from the bus-station to the hotel
3rd day: Acclimatization trek to Lake Churup (4,450m).
We leave Huaraz at 7 a.m. for the village of Pitec. From the village, we ascend for about 3 hours, including some rock scrambling at the top, to reach Churup Lake, a beautiful turquoise lake at the base of Churup Mountain – Huaraz - Hostal.

4th day: HUARAZ - CARAZ - HUALCALLAN (3,140m).
From Caraz we go towards Hualcayán, where we visit archaeolocigal ruins (f.e. graves of stone which are called chullpas) of the pre-inca-time. This village is a perfect place for a good aclimatisation and also we can see how the farmers live here.

5th day: HUALCALLAN - WISHCASH (4,040m).
The foothpath follows a zig-zag ascending. The view amoung the hills with its beautiful colors is very impressive. Today we spend the night at Wishcash. That means rabbit in quechua.

6th day: WISCASH - OSORURISH (4,600m).
To see the lakes of Yanacocha and Chaquicocha we leave Wishcash very early. A bit later we arrive at the lake of Cullicocha in front of the Santa Cruz-mountain. We continue walking uphill to pass the pass of Osorurish (4,850 msnm), from here we can see the mountain top of Milluacocha (5,480 msnm) and parts of the ravine of Cedros with the pre-inca-place of Osorurish. Camping at Osorurish.

7th day: OSORURISH - JANCARURISH (4,250m).
After the pass of Alpamayo we descend until the village of Alpamayo, a place where the pre-inca-people lived. After a short break we continue walking along a foothpath to Jancarurish, where we enjoy the view to the summits of Jancarurish (5,601 msnm) and
Alpamayo (5,947 msnm).  

8th day: RELAXING DAY.
We visit the lake Jancarurish and the base-camp of Quitaraju. For lunch we have pachamanca, a typical andian meal with meat, potatoes and herbs, which is prepared in a whole filled with stones and covered with earth.
9th day: JANCARURISH - HUILLCA (4,000m).
We walk through the mountain ravine of Alpamayo and cross the pass of Cara Cara (4,850 m.s.n.m). We reach the district of Callejón de Conchudos, where we can enjoy the view to the summits of Tayapampa (5675 m.s.n.m), Pilanco (5,300 m.s.n.m) and Pucajirca Norte (6046 m.s.n.m). We descend to the lakes of Safuna (4,247
msnm) and contiunue walking to the ravine of Tayapampa until we arrive at our camping-site of Huillca.

10th day: HUILLCA - YEGUA CORRAL ( 3,600m). 
Today we climb up to the pass of Coyota (4,360 msnm) to see the lakes of Grampayoc and Millpo. After that we pass through the valley of Ventanilla (4,250 msnm) to Yeguacorral, here we spend the night.

    11th day: YEGUACORRAL - QUISUAR (3,800m). 
Early in the morning we walk through the ravine of Jancapampa to Pishgopampa. We ascend to the pass of Tupatupa (4,360 msnm) and see the summit of Taulliraju (5830 msnm). Now we walk through the ravine of Tuctubamba until the camping of Quisuar.

12th day: QUISUAR - WISHCASH (4,200m).
After the breakfast we ascend to Pucaraju (4,640 msnm), where we enjoy the view to the ravine of Huariapampa and the mountain tops of Taulliraju y Pucaraju (5,025 msnm). We spend the night in Wishcash.

13th day: WISHCASH - TAULLIPAMPA (4,200m).
We climb up to the pass of Punta Unión (4750m). From here we enjoy the beautiful view to the ravine of Santa Cruz, the lakes Jatuncocha and Taullicocha and opposite the summits of Taulliraju, Rinrijirca (5,810 msnm), Artesonraju (6,025 msnm) and Paria (5,600 msnm). We camp at Taullipampa at an altitude of 4,200 msnm. From here we can see the summit of Taulliraju (5,830 msnm), Rinrijirca and Artesonraju.

14th day: TAULLIPAMPA - LLAMACORRAL (3,800m).
After the breakfast we cross the ravine of Arhuaycocha. From here we can enjoy the view to the Alpamayo (5,947 msnm) and the Quitaraju. In the afternoon we arrive at the lak of Jatuncocha with its beautiful colors of blue and the nice view to the summit of Quitaraju (6,036 msnm. Camping at Llamacorral.    

15th day:LLAMACORRAL - CASHAPAMPA (2,900m).
The last day we descend at the left site of the Santa Cruz-ravine to Cashapampa. Tansfer to Huaraz - Hostal.

16th day: Day of rest in Huaraz.
Logistics and preparing the technical gear for the expedition.
17th day: Huaraz (3,100m) – Yungay – Cebollapampa – Cb Pisco (4,600m).
We leave from Huaraz to Huaylas Valley in bus, towards the town of Yungay (2500m). We continue on dirt road on the upper Llanganuco Valley passing the Lakes Chinancocha y Orconcocha to the point called Cebollapampa, located in Llanganuco Valley.. This is the starting point for the approach trek for climbing Pisco (5,762m), Huandoy (6,395m) and Chacraraju (6,112m). The base camp is reached in approximately 4 hours.

18th day: Cb Pisco (4,600) – Summit Pisco (5,750m) – Cb.
Early start (2-3 am) for the summit climb. We cross a moraine and climb to the glacier tongue, and then to the col, which offers excellent views of summits of Cordillera Blanca. The route to the summit crosses a crevasse to reach the summit, where a 360º view around makes us forget the fatigue. Descent to base camp.

19th day: Cb – Cebollapampa – Yungay – Huaraz – Hostal.
Descent from base camp to Cebollapampa where transportation will take us back to the hostal in Huaraz.

20th day: Travelling back to Lima (bus) – Hotel.
Transfer to Lima (hostal).
21th day: Lima, transfers from hotel to airport. Return to country of origin.

*** Aim of the Expedition of Pisco Ascent - White Mountain range ***

- When you arrive to Lima we pick up you to the hotel by taxi.
- 2 nights lodging in Lima (double bed.)
- When you arrive to Huaraz we pick up you to the hotel by taxi.
- 2 nights lodging in Huaraz (double bed, breakfast included)
- Bus transportation Lima – Huaraz. (Service VIP).
- Private local transportation Huaraz /Pitec/Huaraz.
- Private local transportation Huaraz /Hualcayan/Cashapampa/Huaraz.
- Private local transportation Huaraz /Cebollapampa/Huaraz.
- Mountain guide (IUAGM) – Trekking – Climb.
- Cook, specialized in cooking normal and vegetarian meals
- Donkeys to carry the common gear (tents, food and fuel) as well as donkeys to carry personal gear (up to 20 kg per person)
- Kitchen gear and cooking facilities at base camp (including dining tent, chairs, cooking tent).
- Food for the whole duration of the climb (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is included.
- The meals include: omelets, sups, fresh fruits, ahuacate, spaghettis meats, rice all them rich in carbohydrates, excellent to recover all the energy you lose during the trek and climbing, also include drinks as: tea, coffee, milk breads, popcorn and coco tea good for altitude sickness
- Climbing gear: rope, aluminum stakes, ice screws
- Camping gear: 4 season tent
- First aid kit
- Check-up for oxygen to assess acclimatization level of each client.
Not included:
- Food costs outside the climb (Lima and Huaraz).
- Entry to National Park Huascarán.
- Flight from country of origin to Lima
- Extra days of lodging due to delays of the trip
- Personal trekking and climbing gear (plastic boots, harness, ice axes, sleeping bag, sleeping mattress etc..)
- Personal expenses.

Important customer information:

- Dear customers, we recommend making a reservation in advance, so that the price is more economical.
- This advance reservation is carried out 5 months before your arrival date to Huaraz.
- The reservation is made with a deposit of 40% of the total price and 60% need to be paid upon your arrival to Huaraz (Office of Enrique Expedition Tours - Huaraz.).
- After our company, "Enrique Expedition Tours" confirms your reservation deposit we will be sending via e-mail a voucher of the reservation confirmation, where we explain all the details of the itinerary follow upon your arrival to Huaraz. The money of the reservation will be deposited in a bank account of our travel and tourism agency, that we can access if you request.
- Included in the expedition are the nights of accommodation in the hostel in Huaraz included. If you want to stay additional nights in the hostal it costs $ 15.- USD per person and day. The services offered by the hostal "Waullac Inn" you can see on the website:
- The transportation Lima - Huaraz-Lima will by the company
- Cruz del sur. Web:
- Movil Tours. Web:
in their bed service in the bus “bus cama” (VIP)

The services of the bus companies are:
• Bus with 2 floors.
• Second level / Reclinable bus seats
• Seat belts on all seats.
• Laser radar to detect objects on the road (up to 150m distance).
• Internal video cameras (control of corridors).
• Two bathrooms with chemical treatment
• Direct travel.
• Breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner (depends on travel time).
• On board Service (Attention of Land Slides).
• Video on board with movies
• Music.
• Air conditioning and heating.
• Individual reading light.
• Bingo (prize is the return of the ticket).

* Also we have an air service at our flights Lima – Huaraz  - Lima
The name of the Company is "LC Peru" - HUARAZ
And the hours of the departure every day.
- Lima - Huaraz: Departure 8:15am. – Arrival 9: 05am.
- Huaraz - Lima: Departure 9:35am. – Arrival 10:25am.
- All passengers have to arrive for any route of flight an hour earlier at the airport for their respective checked luggage.
- LUGGAGE: Each passenger is entitled to 15 kilos of luggage (10 kilos for load and 5 kilos for carry on). If it exceeds this weight you are responsible to pay $1 per kilo (not including taxes).
- The fare per person is $144.00 USA (subject to availability) For this service, "LC Peru" - HUARAZ communicate with us.

Recommended Gear for Expedition – Cordillera Blanca:

·Hiking boots
·High mountain (plastic) boots
·Hiking socks (synthetic fibers, coolmax)
·Thermal socks
·Light gloves
·Fleece or wool gloves
·Hat (to block the sun)
·Cold weather hat
·Breathable shirts
·Light sweater
·Fleece jacket
·Cold weather jacket
·Waterproof jacket
·Hiking pants
·Fleece pants
·Waterproof pants
·Mountaineering sunglasses (with side guards)
·70/80 L backpack
·Water bottle
·Headlamp (with extra batteries)
·Sun block (for skin and lips)
·Personal first-aid kit
·Cold weather sleeping bag
·Toiletries / Towel
·Sandals (to bathe, relax, and cross streams)
·Waterproof bag (for documents and money)
·Ice axe
·Belay device (ATC, Super 8, etc.)
·Ascension device
·Plastic bags

Route Climbing Pisco Mountain : Arista SO

Route Climbing Pisco Mountain - Cordillera Blanca

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